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Full Information at www.fairheadclimbers.com

Fair Head is the greatest expanse of climbable rock in Britain or Ireland. It's massive, 100m high for much of it's length and forms an impressive bulwark above its extensive boulder fields. It is a place of big skies, big walls and columns and has a compelling, somewhat gothic atmosphere. This is softened at either end as the rock sill tapers off into smaller cliffs and the western end, in particular has a friendlier sunnier aspect.

The cliff is formed from a sill of dolerite, which was cooled in columnar form to produce characteristic cracks and chimneys, similar to those of the Giants Causeway. The rock is smooth on the hands, offers great friction and is very sound.

Climbing at its best The cliff stretches for three miles, sporting some 366 routes. These are the best that traditional climbing has to offer, straight lines, with striking cracks that shoot up at all over the place, providing bomber protection, indeed the phrase "protection on demand," sums up Fair Head Climbing. It is the ultimate climbers playground and the quantity of three star routes is testament to its brilliance. With short walk ins you can be on a route within ten minutes from leaving the car. Beautiful views stretch over Rathlin Island to the North and the Mull of Kintyre to the East, a spectacle to behold from the solitude of the belay.

The aim of this site is to keep Fair Head Climbers up to date with specific information about the routes on this magnificent cliff. It is deliberately very simple and will stick to the basics, such as what has changed since the guide book descriptions were compiled, or what routes need a bit of a spruce up. A good flow of traffic and a bit of maintenance here and there, will ensure that these fine lines stay in top condition for all to enjoy, for years to come. There is loads of new route potential, daring untouched arÍtes, roofs and faces abound. The crag also has a series of quality routes that haven't even had a second ascent. The future looks exciting for the times ahead.

Fair Head 2002 Guide The key page is the route news, and I rely on your submissions for that. That page should form the basis of the next guidebook, when required, so if you notice anything amiss, or have any suggestions, mail it in.

Fair Head Rock Climbing Guide.
Calvin Torrans/Clare Sheridan, MCI, 2002.
£ 13.50 Widely available.

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